Have You difficulty sleeping at night?

Ardrahan Lullaby may be the answer for you!

Ardrahan Lullaby is the milk which comes from the cows in the morning. It is created in the dark, as the animals sleep, and has naturally higher levels of melatonin.

Melatonin is a natural hormone that we produce in our bodies during the hour of darkness. Likewise, the cows produce melatonin during the night hours and the morning milk contains these natural levels.

It may not work for everyone, BUT IT IS A NATURAL PRODUCT and is known to combat jetlag and insomnia.

Ardrahan Lullaby is pasteurised and is produced on the Burns family farm at Ardrahan, Kanturk, the home of the award winning Ardrahan Farm House cheese.


Scientific Research on Melatonin-Rich Milk

"The well-being of people depends on the maintenance of the endogenous daily rhythms of biological functions and the sleep-wake rhythm. Melatonin that is produced by the pineal gland at night is considered to have an important role in the regulation of the sleep-wake cycle"(Dawson and Encel, 1993)

Recent research studies(e.g. Valtonen et al, 2007,2005) have examined the effectiveness of consuming melatonin-rich night-milk on sleep quality and daytime physical activity levels. In a sample controlled double-blind study(Valtonen, 2007) melatonin-rich night milk was shown to significantly enhance sleep efficiency when compared against normal milk or melatonin tablets(p<.05).



“As a parent to a child with Special Needs, I am thrilled to have such a beneficial Milk to give my daughter at night time. Since we began giving Kira who is 6, Ardrahan Lullaby milk; her sleep has improved with less nightmares and interruptions. Also, she is more alert and in better form in the mornings. I have been able to reduce the dosage of the melatonin prolonged release tablets Kira had been prescribed by the Paediatrician. I also give Ardrahan Lullaby milk to my 4 year old son Jack and he falls asleep so easily with less hassle than before I started buying the milk. Our bedtime routine is much easier these last few months thanks to Ardrahan Lullaby Milk. Now at night time, they ask for their 'bed time milk’ “

    Erica O’Meara, Athlone.


“I started taking Lullaby Milk after I was knocked down in September last and was having difficulty sleeping for a while. I found that 'glass of milk thing' nostalgic and comforting. Furthermore, Lullaby Milk is really effective in inducing deep, untroubled sleep. I have since recommended it to family, friends and clients and all of those who have tried it are delighted. The cynics are missing out on a great thing.“

    Barbara Egan, Psychotherapist, Wicklow.


“At dinnertime, at approximately 5:30pm I just exchanged their standard milk with 100ml of Ardrahan Lullaby Milk  (or magic cow juice as it’s now called here) and at 7:30pm another 100ml with their supper. There is no difference in taste or flavour.  On the first night they were yawning during their bedtime story and were asleep by 9pm and never woke once during the night.  I kid you not.  I was feeling smug, but not convinced.  However, when we had the same results on the second, third, fourth and every night since, saying I was thrilled is an understatement.  So I decided to spread the sleepy word for other jaded parents or insomniacs.“

    Sheelagh McRedmond, Offaly/Laois border



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