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Ardrahan Farmhouse Cheese

Ardrahan is a type of semi-soft cheese with a pungent aroma, Ardrahan cheese has buttery textured honey-coloured centre with a complex delicate flavour. It has a washed rind which grows into a golden colour, and its size and weight tend to vary slightly due to the fact that it is a hand-made product. In general the large wheel weighs about 1.5 kg. There is also a small consumer wheel which weighs 300g. It is yellow-coloured.

Ardrahan also develops a nutty flavour with maturity. It has a unique flavour that lingers, leaving a very pleasant after-taste. It contains only 25% fat approximately. It is hand made using traditional methods and only whole milk and vegetarian rennet are used.

The shelf life of the large cheeses is 16 weeks and the small is 8 weeks.



Packaging :

The 1.5 kg wheels are wrapped in wax coated paper and boxed individually. Baby Ardrahans are wrapped in white paper and boxed in six-packed.

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