Ardrahan is situated in Kanturk in Duhallow in Co. Cork, in the south of Ireland. Duhallow is a region reputed for its quality grass and clean environment. Ardrahan is made from pasteurised cows milk, vegetarian rennet and natural starter culture. Ardrahan is made on the farm and all the milk is produced on the farm at ardrahan.


Mary Burns(above) and her family run the farm and product the cheese. The farm is based in the lush countryside of Duhallow in north west county Cork. The Burns family entry into farmhouse cheese was accidental. It all started in the 1970's when Eugene Burns realised his family were unable to source the types of foods he wanted them to be eating. He started making yoghurt, cheese and sour cream. Twenty years later, the Burns family have perfected the farmhouse cheese and have made a family business from the product.


The exact recipe is secret. The culture is added to the milk at 31°C and, when the milk has ripened, the rennet is added, which sets the cheese. When set, the cheese is cut by hand. The cuttings seperate the whey from the curds, which are then put into moulds. When set, the cheeses are brined in a bath of salt water and matured.

History of Ardrahan


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